Will-Dor Ranch
Niton Junction, Alberta, Canada
Ethically & Sustainably Raised, GRASS FED & FINISHED Angus Beef & Other Meats, No Added Hormones or Steroids.  'Premium Quality Direct To You'

About Us

Doris and Bill Sinclair own and operate WILL-DOR RANCH. Our goal is to produce premium quality GRASS FED & FINISHED Angus Beef and Beef Products for your enjoyment. As well as great tasting Farm Fresh Eggs, Pork, and Chicken. Whole Lamb is available upon request only usually in the fall of the year. We recognize the importance of protecting the natural environment while producing our Angus Beef and Beef Products and all other products and act as stewards of the land. We actively practice regenerative farming using rotational grazing where cattle are moved from paddock to paddock eating and fertilizing as they go.

To be 'GRASS FED & FINISHED' cattle must never receive grain of any kind. Some folks think that the beef has a gamey taste and is dry and tough because it is fed only 'grass', but this is not the case. Our cattle are fed a ration of alfalfa pellets from birth, alfalfa is a type of grass very high in protein. This adds marbling to the meat as the animal grows and the meat does not have a gamey taste. Certainly the meat may taste differently from beef purchased in the store, but it is not strong tasting like wild game.

We believe we get out of our cattle and stock what we put into them. We take pride in our animals and they receive plenty of TLC making for some the the BEST GRASS FED & FINISHED Angus Beef, Pork, Chicken and Eggs you will ever eat.

Premium, Mouthwatering and Tender GRASS FED & FINISHED Angus Beef and Beef Products 

Cows and Calves on a lazy summer day.A delicious rump roast  of beef ready for roasting. Notice the marbling throughout the meat.

                                  FREE of Growth Enhancing Hormones and Steroids.

                                  FREE of Antibiotics.

                                  Fed Naturally on grass and hay and supplemented with Alfalfa Pellets.

                                  Free Choice Mineral with added Vitamin A (necessary for bone development, sight, maintenance

                                      of skin tissues and protection against reproductive failure), Vitamin D (necessary for strong

                                      bones and good growth rate), Vitamin E and Selenium ( enhance the immune system and to  

                                      improve the shelf life of the meat).

                                  Under no circumstances are cattle fed animal by-products.

                                  Free Choice Fresh Water is available at all times.

                            Use of Diatamaceous Earth (crushed fresh water shells) for worming and lousing.

                            Use of Garlic as a natural means to repel insects, especially mosquitoes.

                                  Cattle are Age Verified and WILL-DOR RANCH possesses a Premises Identification Number for

                                     tracebility. Animals can be traced back to birth. Detailed Health Records are kept on each animal.

                                     Birth Certificates are available.

                                  WILL-DOR RANCH produces  Angus Influence Beef (cows are bred to a registered Black

                                     Angus Bull). We typically begin slaughtering at 13 months of age.

                                  Cattle are raised with little stress in fresh air and on lush grass pastures to produce tender,

                                     succulent Grass Fed & Finished Angus Beef and Beef Products. It may just be some of the

best meat you will eat. Great meals begin with great ingredients.


Doris and Bill believe that it is important to be actively involved in agriculture and the marketing of their Grass Fed Angus Beef and Beef Products and other meats. We believe that it is important to stay informed about current and new regulations governing food production and good stewardship of the land.

                                   Completed a Food Safety Course

                                   Possess a Class 1 Food Handling Permit.

                                   Past member of the County of Brazeau 100 Km Kitchen Party.

                                    Member of the West Central Forage Association.

                                   Member of the Alberta Farmers' Market Association.

                                   Completed an Alberta Environmental Farm Plan.

                                   Have developed a Biosecurity Plan. 

                                 checkMember of the Edson & District Chamber of Commerce


In  May 2014  we began with the production of Farm Fresh Eggs and purchased ISA Brown Layers which are a hybrid cross between Rhode Island Whites and Rhode Island Reds. They are a friendly, productive bird known for having an excellent temperament. They lay throughout the year and can lay up to 300 eggs in that time.Eggs are a beautiful brown color. In general, they are a productive, low maintenance bird.

Today we use a bird called Lohmann Browns. They are also good layers and have a great temperament and produce a brown shelled egg.


Bill getting birds out of shipping boxes so they can settle into their new home.


                            Currently kept in loose housing.

                               Nesting boxes provided for laying. These are enclosed and birds enter and leave at will.

                               They are given oat straw inside their housing which is cleaned regularly.

                               Fed wheat blended with Vitamins A, D, and E for their health                                                                                                 and yours too.

                               Also fed oyster shell (grit) to aid in digestion and to produce hard shells.

                               They have free choice water which is freshened daily.

                               They are given a bit of grass during the summer months.

                                      Under no circumstances are they fed scraps or animal by-products.

                                Eggs are picked at least once daily. Cleaned and stored at a temperature of 6 degrees Celsius.                                          (Maximum storage temperature is 7 degrees Celsius).


             Bill sings to them to keep them happy and they sing back to him! Here he is with a pail of fresh picked eggs. 


Bill with fresh picked eggs.




                                    All are fed naturally without the use of hormones or anitbiotics.

                              All have access to fresh water and are fed high quality grains.

                              All are kept in loose housing with protection from the elements in the form of a building and an                                            area outside for exercise. 


Laying Hens sunning themselves!


WILL-DOR RANCH Offers You Ethically & Sustainably Raised, Grass Fed                 Angus Beef and Beef Products, Free Run Grain Fed Eggs,                Pork & Chicken

'Premium Quality Direct to You'