Will-Dor Ranch
Niton Junction, Alberta, Canada
Ethically & Sustainably Raised, GRASS FED & FINISHED Angus Beef & Other Meats, No Added Hormones or Steroids.  'Premium Quality Direct To You'


We are looking forward to another exciting year of marketing our GRASS FED and FINISHED Angus Beef and Beef Products, as well as Pork, Chicken and Farm Fresh Eggs for 2024. We plan on marketing our products primarily in Hinton, Edson, Jasper and surrounding area. We will do deliveries to the Edmonton area on packages valued at $400 or more. Watch for dates and locations on the calendar below.

This season, we will be marketing from Edson, behind Wok Box on 2nd Ave, watch for dates on the calendar. And we hope to be in Hinton at the Green Square. See dates on the calendar. Unfortunately we likely won't be attending the markets in Jasper on Wednesdays. Be sure to check the calendar below for the dates.

We encourage our customers to visit us at the farm. We are conveniently located just 200 m south of Hwy 16 at Niton Junction.The road is good and the dogs are friendly!! AND best of all you will receive a 5% discount on orders over $200 for picking up from the farm! It's always best to call ahead to make sure we are home though. Bill does not text but he will answer his cell 780-712-9676.

Should you wish anything special for a gathering or a special occasion, such as a family or company barbeque please be sure to order at least 3 weeks in advance.

Please check the calendar below to find our schedule. More information is added as time progresses.

PLEASE NOTE:  We prefer pre-orders wherever possible with payment being made with e transfers, credit and debit cards and cash.

Will-Dor Ranch, easy to find and get 5% off your order for picking up at the farm!Coolness is in the air, Autumn is just around the corner, time for comfort food, chili, stew, or a good roast of beef with all the trimmings.Autumn is here, and Thanksgiving too! Much to be thankful for, celebrate with a big juicy turkey from Will-Dor RanchHot August Nights.. Get your BBQ on and serve delicious meals made with products from Will-Dor RanchSummer Heat, or Rain, whatever the case may be, it's still BBQ Season, Burgers, Steaks, Roasts, Beer Butt Chicken, Pork Chops or something over the fire, Smokies or Hot Dogs!

May, finished calving, weather is warming. It's BBQ season. See Will-Dor Ranch for steaks, hot dogs, smokies and the BEST ground beef!October, the season of Comfort Food... roasts, chili, soups. Will-Dor Ranch has the fixin's.May... days are getting longer and warmer. Enjoy fun with friends and family. Be sure to cook up something from Will-Dor Ranch for the BBQ.June! Summer is drawing near and BBQs are heating up. Make sure you are well stocked with meats from Will-Dor Ranch.January '22, hard to believe, days getting longer, spring will soon be here.Winter cold is settling upon us, keep warm with traditional comfort food made from meats from Will-Dor Ranch, Chili, Stew, soups...

 Spring is just around the corner. Calving has begun, It's a busy time at Will-Dor Ranch.              February, the month of hearts and love. To keep your heart healthy, enjoy meats from Will-Dor Ranch, grass fed & finished beef not only tasty but healthy too!

                                                          Top Sirloin Steak ready for the BBQ.

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 WILL-DOR RANCH Offers You Ethically & Sustainably Raised,

Grass Fed Angus Beef and Beef Products, Free Run Grain Fed Eggs, 

Pork & Chicken

 'Premium Quality Direct to You'